Athletes Fund

At Kokushi budo institute, we have supported our athletes at every level of competition on the local level to the world circuit. We have had numerous Olympians and World team members train on our tatami. Although competition isn’t for everyone, and I cannot emphasize this enough, It is not the end goal for martial arts, We like to do our best to support our athletes who are driven to compete. That is why we started a non-profit kBi athletes fund in order to support the athletes who do wish to get out there and fight. Some of our top athletes on the roster are Isadora Friedlander, Tara Sanchez, Anthony Vennitti, and Christian Lavados. Please help us support our athletes by donating.

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Here is a video of one of our athletes …

The Bronx Judoka from Jasper Kung-Ho Lo on Vimeo.

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