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Martial Arts Self-Defense in NYC: KBI Featured in Chopsticks!

KBI was recently featured in Chopsticks NY, a website about Japanese culture.

Martial arts in nyc

At KBI, we teach traditional Japanese martial arts but with a focus on real-world, practical application. So if you take classes with us, you won’t be spending time breaking boards, but you will be pushed physically and mentally through drills and sparring that simulate real competition or street fighting. Read about Melissa’s Judo experience here at KBI Martial Arts NYC:

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Is Martial arts in NYC right for you?

Martial Arts NYC


At KBI, we take pride in the satisfaction our students get in learning martial arts. Our goal is to try to provide the best martial arts instruction in NYC for any all types of practitioners – from competitors to people who are just looking to get into shape. We don’t look for fame, but we look to improve the lives and skills of each and every student that walks into our NYC dojo at 331 Riverside Drive.

Whether you want to learn judo, jiu jitsu, karate, or aikido, we provide quality instruction in each and you will never feel as if you don’t belong. At Kokushi Budo Institute in NY, we are a family of martial arts enthusiasts that is constantly expanding and adding new members. If you are new and martial arts is something you are interested in, check out this article about us in the New York Times where one new student joins with her son and have since been members for several years.