Japanese Jiu Jitsu NYC

Jiu jitsu (or traditionally, Jujutsu) was developed by Japanese samurai in feudal Japan. It was created as a method for defeating an armed or armored opponent with no weapons or a short weapon. The techniques consist of various joint locks, throws, and pins, and are based off of the principle of using your opponent’s energy against them, rather than directly opposing it.

Jiu jitsu has since evolved into a grappling heavy martial art without the use weapons. At Kokushi Budo Institute in New York City, we have been teaching highly-effective, practical use Jiu jitsu to students since Nobuyoshi Higashi founded the academy in 1963.

The style of Jiu Jitsu NYC instruction we provide is known as Kokushi-ryu jiu jitsu, which was developed by KBI instructor Nobuyoshi Higashi.  It is a highly practical form of jiu jitsu that can be applied to both sport and self-defense situations.

We provide Japanese Jiu Jitsu NYC instruction for both adults and youths.

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