Kids classes

Our children’s Judo program is the heart and soul of the KBI. We are the oldest judo school in NYC. Our lineage in this art traces directly to the founder, Kano Sensei. While we’ve produced National Champions, World Team Members, and Olympians throughout the history of our school, we are most proud of the countless boys and girls who have taken the principles of our school to all areas of their lives. We think that judo is much more than just another after school activity. We teach our kids judo so that they have the tools to learn everything else. The judoka is a resilient, disciplined, intellectually curious, and caring person. Everything is earned in our school. Our kids are reminded that they already have all the physical tools to be good but they must embrace the work, the discipline, and the frustrations. There are no shortcuts in judo. There’s sweat, frustration, oftentimes a few tears, and of course, plenty of falls. Under a skilled instructor, these ingredients help to create a person who is self-confident, intrinsically motivated, tolerant of fatigue, and of course, resilient. We believe these are tools that will help them in all areas of their lives.

We have a comprehensive kids program that develops judokas as early as age 4. Our kids program is a four-part program that eventually takes the young judoka directly to the advance adult’s competition program.

Classes Offered:

  • Tiny Champs (Ages 4-5)
  • Kids 1 (Ages 6-7)
  • Kids 2 (Ages 8-11)
  • Judo Youth (11 – 16)

The Guiding Principles of our Program: The Dojo Kun

Seii is the first requirement when entering our program. Seii encapsulates sincerity, faith, and trust. One must first place trust in the school, the efficacy of the techniques, and of course, classmates and teachers.

Kinro is the labor and exertion that is required when learning and earnestly committing to one’s development. This is why we say everything is earned in our school. There are no shortcuts and the student will learn that everything worth doing requires Kinro.

Kenshiki is knowledge, insight, and awareness. There is a dignity to this type of knowledge. It comes with a depth of understanding why we do martial arts and the responsibilities that go with such skills.

Kihaku is the last word we say at the end of each practice. Spirit is the most meaningful translation of the term. Spirit means the type of inner strength that can only come after heartfelt commitment and hard work.

We do more than teach our children judo at the KBI. We build Kihaku.

Please see our schedule for our most up-to-date class times.